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Sealings for hydraulics Cylinder

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Machine and cylinder manufacturers are constantly placing higher value on leak-free hydraulic systems. Regardless of the conditions of use, the demand for longevity is of the installed seals is vital.
cylinder rod seal
The performance of hydraulic cylinders rises and falls with the performance of the applied seals and sealing materials.
Toparts  is able to provide almost all popular types of seals on the basis of newly developed and marketable polyurethanes Toparts 100 and 110 Toparts: 
Sealing products for hydraulics (industrial and mobile hydraulics)
Piston rod seals 
Piston Seals 
Back-up rings (Engineering thermoplastics, PTFE)
For all applications that require a hydrolysis solution
boom cylinder seal kit


Hydraulic Sealing Systems

Primarily on piston rod seals, high-quality polyurethanes can excellently prove their efficiency.
We have tailored the material FiPur 100 (94 Shore A) for applications in heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders:

  • for wear resistant, dynamic sealing elements
  • at pressures up to 400 bar
  • with resulting downtimes of >> 1000 km
  • and higher security against leakage under real operating conditions, resulting in the reduction of maintenance costs and environmental improvements
  • FiPur 100 and also FiPur 110 have excellent suitability for use in synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oils (HLPD etc.), reflected by low swelling rates
  • both materials can be used up to 110°C and even higher for a short term (in the case of enamel)
  • for rapidly biodegradable pressure transmission media, e. g. HEES or HETG fluids, we can offer special materials with even better chemical resistance
  • our TPUs were tailored to optimum installation conditions: generally, we achieve the best conditions for our polyurethane seals for easy snapping in the given installation spaces
  • with FiPur 110 as an additional option, we are able to provide solutions for extreme degrees of cold (-45°C) without compromising in terms of the wear behavior
  • our polyurethane portfolio is in full compliance with the legal requirements such as WEEE, RoHS, and REACH

Rod seals
piston seals
Double wipers
Mobile hydraulic sealing systems Toparts hydraulic cylinder seal kits
We provide solutions for rod seals, wear rings, wiper rings, and piston ring seal sets in highly stressed hydraulic cylinders as well as O-rings and fittings for hydraulic valves and pressure accumulators.

Sealing systems in mobile hydraulics are subject to the highest standards. They are used in extremely harsh environments such as construction sites, agriculture and forestry.
hydraulic cylinder seal kits suppliers
As an increasingly important option is the use of seals in connection with biodegradable (HEES, HETG) or even water-based media (HFA, HFC): for this purpose we also have prepared suitable material options. For extremely cold requirements (up to -46°), we are also able to offer the right solution with .

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